A+P Vintage Trailer Works

Frequently asked questions


How much will it cost?

 A complete renovation on a vintage Airstream, averages eighty thousand dollars. The list goes on. Currently (2019), on a 25’ or less length trailer, to take the shell off and replace the axle, frame and floor can be around fifteen to eighteen thousand dollars.

A potential vintage trailer owner can spend a lot of money on a trailer that’s in very good condition, and invest less in the restoration of that trailer. Or, they can spend very little on the initial trailer, and there’ll be more to spend on restorations and repairs. It’s like squeezing a balloon. You’re going to pay, one way or another.

What kind of inspection would you recommend?

The following is a point-by-point list of things to look for when considering a new trailer, or inspecting a trailer you already own, for potential repairs by A+P.